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Human rights success for tenant farmers!

Scott Blair in human rights success for tenant farmers 
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Company Law 2017

Terra Firma Chambers is hosting a conference specifically designed to cover a range of issues relating to Company Law. The conference will be chaired by Michael Howlin QC and will feature a series of talks relative to “Unfair Prejudice Petitions and
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Practical Judicial Review - Part 10 : Remedies

This is intended to be the first of several blog posts which discusses the topic of remedies. This post is a general consideration of the topic. Future posts will be considering interim remedies, protective expenses orders and caveats.
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Corporate Raids and the 'Proper Purpose' Rule: Eclairs Group Ltd v JKX Oil and Gas Plc

The expression 'corporate raid' is a "loose, convenient and pejorative" shorthand to describe an attempt to exploit a minority shareholding in a company to obtain effective management or voting control without paying what other shareholders wo
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