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Roddy MacLeod to speak at Changes in Succession Planning Seminar

Terra Firma Chambers Roddy MacLeod will be one of the speakers at the forthcoming Changes in Succession Planning seminar hosted by the Scottish Law Society in Dundee on Wednesday 29th March 2017. 
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Adequate Disclosure and Risk Management - An ETN Seminar

The Edinburgh Tax Network, in conjunction with Terra Firma Chambers, will host a Seminar presented by Bob Crawford of Jeffrey Crawford & Co, entitled ‘Adequate Disclosure and Risk Management’. The event will take place on Thursday 30th M
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Practical Judicial Review - Part 10 : Remedies

This is intended to be the first of several blog posts which discusses the topic of remedies. This post is a general consideration of the topic. Future posts will be considering interim remedies, protective expenses orders and caveats.
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Corporate Raids and the 'Proper Purpose' Rule: Eclairs Group Ltd v JKX Oil and Gas Plc

The expression 'corporate raid' is a "loose, convenient and pejorative" shorthand to describe an attempt to exploit a minority shareholding in a company to obtain effective management or voting control without paying what other shareholders wo
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