The TFArb Service

Terra Firma Chambers has experienced decision makers with a number of our members holding appointments as a temporary judge, part-time sheriff, or tribunal judge. We have a dedicated group of Arbitration specialists, some of whom have arbitration qualifications and are appointed as arbitrators from time to time in a wide range of commercial disputes. These members are available for appointment as arbitrators under the TFArb service. Whatever the nature, importance, complexity or value of the dispute you wish resolved, Terra Firma Chambers will use its best endeavours to identify the most suitable member to resolve your particular dispute. Please contact the Terra Firma Practice Manager, Emma Potter, who will be happy to discuss matters with you and advise on suitability, availability and fees. While broadly similar terms and conditions will apply to all appointments, these can be tailored flexibly to suit parties' needs in a particular dispute.

A number of our members adopt and apply the Terra Firma Arbitration Code. The principal aim of that Code is to ensure procedural flexibility, efficiency, and the speedy determination of the dispute at economic cost, drawing from the best aspects of statutory adjudication in the Construction Industry and the Commercial Court, while minimising or avoiding the formalities and delays of court practice and pleading. A significant feature of the Terra Firma Arbitration Code is that it obliges the Arbitrator to endeavour to issue the final award within 100 days of his or her appointment, unless otherwise agreed. Such a provision sets the tone for the arbitration process and encourages parties to make rapid and efficient progress to enable the dispute to be resolved sooner rather than later. This is in marked contrast to formal litigation and old-style arbitration which tended to mirror the less efficient aspects of court procedures.

The Terra Firma Arbitration Code may be viewed by following this link.