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Name Year of Call Year of Silk
Rt. Hon. Lord Hope of Craighead 1965 1978
Rt. Hon. Sir Menzies Campbell CBE QC MP 1968 1982
Robert (Roy) L. Martin QC 1976 1988
W. Stuart Gale QC 1980 1993
J. Gordon Reid QC 1980 1993
Gordon Steele QC 1981 1996
Scott Brady QC 1987 2000
Rt. Hon. Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC 2008 2001
Peter Ferguson QC 1987 2005
Douglas Armstrong QC 1990 2005
Steven L. Stuart QC 1979 2008
Alan Summers QC 1994 2008
James Findlay QC 2008 2008
Andrew Bowen QC 1997 2012
Colin Mackenzie 1982
Derek Francis 1985
Anthony D.D. MacIver 1986
Robert Skinner 1987
Peter Grant-Hutchison 1988
Neil Beynon 1990
Nick Holroyd 1992
Robert D. Sutherland 1992
David Bartos 1993
Neil Kinnear 1994
Iain F. Maclean 1994
Maurice O'Carroll 1995
William Frain-Bell 1999
David Parratt 1999
Steven Walker 1999
Scott Blair 2000
M. Luise S. Locke 2000
David J.T. Logan 2000
Fred Mackintosh 2000
Stephen R. Govier 2001
Philip J.D. Simpson 2001
Stephen O'Rourke 2002
Roddy McIlvride 2005
Alasdair J. Burnet 2006
Gordon Watt 2007
Julius Komorowski 2008
John McKendrick 2008
Graham Dunlop 2009
Mark C. Mohammed 2011
Stephen Winter 2011
Denis Edwards 2012
Denis Garrity 2014
Alasdair Sutherland 2014


Name Year of Call Year of Silk
Professor John Murray QC 1962 1974
Rt. Hon. Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC 1979 1997
Ralph Smith QC 1985 1999
Walter Mercer 2000
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Success for Terra Firma Members in Planning Appeal
16 Sep 2014
James Findlay and Douglas Armstrong QC of Terra Firma Chambers successfully represented the appellants in an appeal to the Inner House of the Court of Session against a decision to approve plans for the construction of a waste incinerator in Easter Ross.
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